Hi, I used to be known here. (nemesisbecoming) wrote,
Hi, I used to be known here.

Twitter Braindump Roundup

  • 09:32 This Mem!Wkend was for the record books. I did up this weekend until the wheels fell off. So this evening is me & Conan O'Brien... HOLLAND! #
  • 09:42 @changebumpin Yeah it was last second. We were in the area when she texted about rooftop. Then phone was low so I couldn't text or tweet you #
  • 10:10 @changebumpin lol crazy indeed since I was actually flipping burgers for folk... In heels. You know it. #
  • 12:31 WTF?!?! RT @TheFix: WHOAH. Al and Tipper Gore to separate. ht.ly/1SysY #
  • 12:36 Why is Al & Tipper Gore separating? I'm not asking for the dirt, it's more of a "Why is there no long-lasting love in the world?" 40 yrs, yo #
  • 18:34 @Ozzdo Oz. I'm meeting Edwina at Johnny Utah's. Come see us. There's a mechanical bull here! #
  • 18:40 It seems perfectly natural to meetup before the Conan/Radio City show at a bar w/ a mechanical bull in it. Of course. #
  • 19:13 Either I've become a severe lightweight or deviled eggs really brings out alcoholic content in beer. Or maybe cause I had Bar Deviled Eggs. #
  • 20:08 OK @threeminuterule & I are at Radio City for Coco. @Ozzdo has better seat. My Godsister @AteCriCri & Godcousin here too. Already awesome #
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