Hi, I used to be known here. (nemesisbecoming) wrote,
Hi, I used to be known here.

Twitter Braindump Roundup

  • 20:48 Zig & I are @borgata in time to see @citizencope! Ladies it's at the smaller theatre. It's not the same w/o y'alls! Then to Fatburger! #
  • 20:51 Dear @citizencope My son & I just hopped a bus fr NYC to AC w/ no hotel room just to see you perform. This is going to be great. Thanks :) #
  • 21:52 The prob w/ concerts at The Borgata are the Jersey Shore fools acting loud & stupid. Dude this is urban folk music not BrUUUUUce. #
  • 22:25 Folk are remarkably out of pocket here at the @citizencope concert. They're damned near doing the running man popnlock to Pablo Picasso. Lol #
  • 22:47 This is about the drunkest, unrythmic (sp?) crowd I've ever been in. NJ goes hard, in a casino concert. LOL. #
  • 00:08 OK LOL. I've just been spell-served RT @_spell: @jrinrevision 'unrythmic' could be rhythmic, nonrhythmic, arrhythmic or uremic. #
  • 00:53 Zig & I roaming Borgata waiting for 4:15 bus. Hilariously run into co-worker here for poker. He's like stay in, no streets. Oi tired. #
  • 00:58 So we finally find a couch. I pull out sudoku & he starts reading latest Economist issue talking Goldman. It's like we're 80 or something. #
  • 02:17 @changebumpin holu shit when are you brunching w/ her cause I may be brunching there too! #
  • 06:34 Welp, let's just say that Zig & I just made it back home. LOL AC & @citizencope. #
  • 15:57 @pwcaulfield @changebumpin I'll be at Arte tomorrow w/ the ladies! #
  • 16:54 Fully awake. @citizencope post-concert thoughts: I didn't catch the Holy Ghost but "Sideways" will always hold a spot in my heart. #
  • 17:29 "And every day is her day. And every year is her year. Anyone try to violate they could straight disappear." - "Plenty" by Guru #
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