Hi, I used to be known here. (nemesisbecoming) wrote,
Hi, I used to be known here.

Twitter Braindump Roundup

  • 00:38 Had a wonderful night. Lovely company and drinks. Feeling tired. What Would Optimus Prime Do? "ROLL OUT" See? Brilliant, he. #
  • 01:11 tv.gawker.com/5459761/comedian-is-carried-the-entire-length-of-manhattan-by-complete-strangers #
  • 19:51 It was less a disco nap and more a disco coma. Nope: as if I'm Disco Han Solo frozen in disco carbonite. Disco Encino Woman reanimated. Oi. #
  • 19:59 @venom4u. There was a Star Wars reference in there. Do you really want me to continue? My Star Wars Milkshake brings the geeks to the yard. #
  • 20:01 @venom4u. Ok. In short. I just woke up from a hard ass sleep. Harder than a disco nap. Inserted Star Wars and old Pauly Shore movie. #
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