Hi, I used to be known here. (nemesisbecoming) wrote,
Hi, I used to be known here.

Twitter Braindump Roundup

  • 00:41 Just crashed a random Holiday party with Leah and it was the best Holiday party ever. Drinks. Dancing. Karaoke. Like is good right now. #
  • 11:22 The thing about the Holidays is a lot of alcohol happens. Ok it's not the drinking its the functioning the morning after. Oi. #
  • 11:31 @venom4u. lol no. Just that I'm pissed I haven't cleaned for my guests who are coming this afternoon. #
  • 11:36 Hey I was supposed to bring a gift to today's Secret Santa Brunch, right? PSYCHE! Made Dana break her neck, lol. (I'm bringing Psyche back) #
  • 14:06 Just saw Santacon walk past my brunch spot. Roll call: Who of my peoples be in there? Edwina? #
  • 14:20 RT @pwcaulfield: @jrinrevision busty ms claus CHECKIN IN. (SANTACON ROLL CALL!!!!) #
  • 15:14 Girltalk at brunch: "Girl, your vagina is worth more than an expensive dinner." LOLmygurus. #
  • 15:16 Secret Santa for the win: Carinda got me an apron with the LOLcakes logo on it!! YAYS!!! #
  • 15:40 @writeli we're at La Carbonara on 14th & 7th. Used to be the old Primativo. #
  • 16:28 Ok we've been sitting here for four and a half hours talking and drinking mimosas. #
  • 17:17 Ok so since Wednesday I've been either hungover or drinking. Tonight's Saturday, had a 5 hour brunch. I don't see this pattern changing. #
  • 18:37 The house left a mess. Figured enough time to clean before guests. Then brunch drinking happened. Came home late, Ziggy cleaned. The best. #
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