Hi, I used to be known here. (nemesisbecoming) wrote,
Hi, I used to be known here.

Twitter Braindump Roundup

  • 23:26 Y'now, show Rod the Electric Slide once, he has to dance it everywhere... so of course Leah shows him The Perculator. #
  • 23:28 So then Rod shows us the Azz n titties song. knows it verbatim. I have never heard of this song EVER. #
  • 23:32 Leah then plays If I F We All F. I'm too old for music today. #
  • 23:36 Evidently gay guys love Trina. I'm talking about giving lapdances to females loving Trina. #
  • 20:27 i33.tinypic.com/affzp0.jpg #
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