Hi, I used to be known here. (nemesisbecoming) wrote,
Hi, I used to be known here.

Twitter Braindump Roundup

  • 21:36 Sure I still have to pack. Still took time for beerw/grls. Came away with a poss kitchen apprntcshp w/ dessert hmewrk list. Tru. jstlikedat. #
  • 21:39 @untoward. totally remember Friendster. lolsowack. I bet you don't remember BlackPlanet, and if you do then you and I need to talk. #
  • 22:35 @untoward. Oddly, this answer satisfies me. #
  • 08:52 No rain, no rainbows is something i would say if I were still in NYC. But I'm not. So I won't. Sup, Sun? #
  • 19:23 What is the "Stanky Leg" and why am repeatedly asked to do it? #
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