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A Fine Madness
In Media Res
  • 22:49 Dude I'm on 61 & Madison waiting for a bus. A Jewish guy just rolls up on me & asks, Do you want to hang out? I'm like no & he steps. !!?! #
  • 23:12 @writeli But omg how random and creepy was that? Did I look like *that* type of chick one could roll up on like that? THAT WAS YOUR A GAME? #
  • 23:15 RT @writeli: RT @kellyoxford: The announcer said he was proud of his kid graduating HS. My 9 yr old said "Isn't that a normal expectation?" #
  • 23:17 @writeli @kellyoxford If you've ever raised/been around a normal teenager you would think that would be a damned miracle. #
  • 10:45 THAT'S IT. Just turn off the TV guys. Soccer's a dumb sport anyway. The World Cup sucks- especially since we're losing. Stupid losing. USA! #
  • 11:09 @prodigaldghter <3 #
  • 11:10 OK the game is interesting again. But just to keep up momentum, can we sub in Mia Hamm or someone? #
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