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A Fine Madness
In Media Res
  • 21:27 You know you can't watch The Biggest Loser and then wrench around and make excuses for not getting your runs in. GO RUNNING NOW, JOANNA!!! #
  • 21:51 Okay, I'm over here crying. I love Sam and Koli and even though Sam's elimination would make sense, they need each other. Omg suspense! #
  • 21:54 Omg whu is no one voting off sam$!?!?, #
  • 21:57 OMG OMG AN UPSET!! OMG CHERYL!! Wow I love this show. Koli's gonna flip out. #
  • 22:01 Just sayin, Jillian's turned Cheryl into a screamer. She's screaming at everything in the gym now. Who screams at the elliptical? Dag, gurl. #
  • 07:20 @writeli what's up with Thurs? #
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