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A Fine Madness
In Media Res
  • 08:38 When remarkable, good people include me in a personal get-together, it blows my mind. Amazes me they would want me around. My heart smiles. #
  • 08:40 Since @sunnysanchez has done her early morning run, now I have to do mine too. I garner motivation from the others around me. LET'S GO! #
  • 09:35 @changebumpin. GAH! But it does seriously surprise me everytime. I tend to think I'm awkward and more tgan slightly embarassing. #
  • 11:15 "Wow man what a sunny day. I can't wait to get out and play. Walk down those city streets. Laughing at all those city creeps." - Alice Smith #
  • 13:37 As I go through my day, the oddest things happen to/around me. You don't mind if I document this, do you? Of course you don't. #
  • 13:40 Guy next to me at the luncheonette counter had a dollop of butter added to his oatmeal. I think he cancelled something out there. #
  • 13:42 Getting my hair washed, another hairdresser leans over me and rinses her plastic fork in the same sink my head is in. Who is this worse for? #
  • 13:54 I'm one of those "don't talk to me" people in salons, restaurants. I find myself in the one salon where I damned near know everyone. Dammit. #
  • 14:00 Hilarious my hairdresser knows no english & I no spanish. We use a translator. Later she says haltingly "I likey jor hair." Will marry her. #
  • 15:12 Hungry. But I have a dinner party, don't want to ruin my appetite. So I figure just get a drink. IS THIS THE FIRST SIGN OF DRUNKOREXIA? #
  • 15:47 @meganlibrarian I'm thinking w/ an orange cake, vanilla frosting would be good. And frostings aren't hard to make. I'll send simple recipes. #
  • 16:24 If going Drunkorexic go all the way! Googled caloric content of cocktails but can't find vodka gimlet info which means there are none HUZZAH #
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