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A Fine Madness
In Media Res
  • 22:04 Lisa & I at a singles event at Amnesia. It's LOLicious. #
  • 23:14 So there was a hula hoop contest. I was hulaing. Of course. I was like yays people are really supportive! Meanwhile my bra boob was exposed #
  • 23:18 So the second I see my bra boob I stop. Omg everyone signs the hoop after hulaing. I signed "My Boob". Slinked away. Lisa has video. #
  • 03:21 Y'know, complaining that going up to Harlem is too far "because I would have to travel back downtown" means nothing to me. This is your job. #
  • 03:23 To clarify, tge cab driver was bitching sabout taking me from 25th st to the 130's. Wtf? Am I supposed to care? This fare ain't free. #
  • 12:59 Today's morning movie marathon so far: "Conversations with Other Women", "Chocolate" (muy thai must see) and "New York, I Love You." #
  • 13:11 "New York, I Love You" is the movie "Valentine's Day" wishes it were. Extra points: Natalie Portman as Hasid. First 10 min already awesome #
  • 14:13 You know, I really don't miss cigarettes now. It's amazing how addictions may fade. Nicotine, people, heartaches. Fading addictions all. #
  • 16:36 Gattaca is a brilliant movie. Well done. Amazed it's taken me 13 years to see it. #
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