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A Fine Madness
In Media Res
  • 00:16 Just had a tempered yet infuriating convo with Zig. He's questoning my trust of his responsibility because I'm w/holding internet. #
  • 00:17 He is Internet Addicted. Yes more than me. Classic addict signs and logic. I watch Intervention. I know these things. #
  • 00:21 It's very difficult reaonsing with a 16 year old. The 'Because I said so' has no effect. Resisting choking Jesus out of him. #
  • 00:24 Everything is a punishment. Even things like suggestions. The curious 'why' of the 3yr old is now the flabbergasted annoyed why of 16. #
  • 00:26 Wish he would realize how easy his life would be if he followed my guidance. Then again he has my blood, and I learned everything via hard. #
  • 11:19 Happy Palinnaversary! Yes, one year ago today Sarah Palin came into our lives! (Thanks, Pa McCain!) only 1yr. She's like Herpes. 4EVA n EVA. #
  • 13:10 "I miss that stupid ape." #
  • 19:59 Ok, Guy... Wow me. Seriously. I'm intrigued. #
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