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A Fine Madness
In Media Res
lol all of this

Luke = Obama
Vader = Hillary
Emperor = ___
Obi wan = (LOL)
Bonus points for Leia.
Special awesome Rev. Wright cameo.

Good times.

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Today we're celebrating leahpia77's birthday.

So let's look into this special magic window as to our future....

Yes, this is how we roll.

So little by little I've been coming out of my weird little blogging vacay, haven't I? Well, don't think nothing's been going on with me. Of course there's been stuff going on. But I just never get around to it. But I'm shaking all of this off little by little.

Actually what spurred me to post was me reading something which basically helped articulate what i was unable to articulate regarding my recent bout of blogging block:
When you first start blogging, everything in your life becomes fodder for ‘ooh, I might blog about that’. After a couple of years, and especially if you’re in a job where you can’t really write about your area of expertise, the dry spells appear. And life intervenes. For months after I moved to L.A. I could barely think of a thing to blog about. It reminded me of how after my university finals, I literally could not read a page of a book for a couple of months. Eventually that wore off. For the last month or more, there are absolutely all manner of things I think of blogging about. And I just can’t seem to write about any of them.

Which is basically what went through. And for many of us who have been doing this open air thing for a while, whenever you do go anywhere in this world, there is always that voice within you trying to construct what you're doing or thinking, no matter how mundane or trivial, into some sort of post. Mentally trying to synthesize every spoken or heard word that seemed intriguing into some semblance of a literary gem for third person consumption. ...and then you lose it. Or your attention span goes to something else. And your imagined post itinerary you've been saving up (I totally have to write about comic con or the billionth inane drunken argument or that hilarious email round me and the girls had about stenciling pictures into our pubic area as a girls' outing) suddenly disappears as we go through our day.

It's hilarious, isn't it? How life just keeps on moving even when we're not moving and sometimes it seems like we can't slow down enough to at least tag a bookmark onto it?

So much like going back into the ocean after years of being landlocked, let me just start off slowly... by sticking in a toe.

I will, of course, go more into length about matters. The whys, how comes and whatevers of the matter and why I decided at the time to go on hiatus. It was a dry spell of sorts. While I investigated another -long unused- facet of myself, I had to put a well-worn one on the shelf for a moment while I figured out how to make room for the two. Meaning, how do I integrate the old with the new. Growing pains and all.

But one thing I definitely have learned in the interim is this: Compromise and Compromising Yourself is not one and the same. And there is some sort of peace once one starts to figure out how it all balances out.

So here I am... with that toe... and I'm leaning it towards that center of the seesaw.

How have you guys been doing?
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